Friday, October 25, 2013

Embarrassed by your fat dog?

The Dog Snobs inspired me with their post today.  I needed to add to it from the perspective of a veterinary receptionist.

Almost every day it happens.  An overweight dog, drags, or is dragged into the clinic by his owner.  The first thing we ask the owner to do is get the dog on the scale for a weight.  This is the cue for said owner to blush and say they hope "Mugsy" has lost weight.  They have been cutting back on his food after all, or they have switched old Mugs to XXX brand diet dog food, although he doesn't like it very much and they have to add to it to get him to eat.

Sure enough Mr Mugs has gained weight, or at least not lost weight, since the last time he was in to visit us.  And the owner looks at her dog and says something like, "Oh Mugsy, you need to stop eating so much".  WHAT?! Say What?!  Does Mugs feed himself?  Does he plan his own meals? Does he open the refrigerator and help himself?  Does he go shopping?  How is this the dogs fault???

Please people, at least take responsibility for what you are doing to your pet.  I know you love them and you show that love by feeding them and falling for their sad puppy dog eyes. 

 But you are killing them with kindness.  You are shortening their lifespans and you are often creating diseases in your pets (such as diabetes) that are going to need lifetime treatment and end up costing you much more money in veterinary costs.  Please don't complain to me about these costs.

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